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We produce custom-tailored, online marketing (SEO/SEM), keyword advertising, pay per click, email and content marketing programs.

Online or Internet Marketing is the advertising of products and services over the web and is an essential part of any businesses marketing strategy. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of gaining traffic from search engines and is one of the most cost-effective option of any digital marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - a segment of SEM - is the act of optimizing a website through keywords and website development to boost natural search engine listings. SEM encompasses many tools including paid inclusion and trusted-feed programs, pay-for-placement management (like Google ADWords and Pay-Per-Click advertising), Link popularity and reputation development.

Another online marketing tool is Content Marketing. The idea behind this marketing technique is to create and distribute relevant and valuable information or “Content” to attract and engage a clearly defined and per-qualified target audience. Essentially it’s the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling.

Do you want a cost-effective online marketing that increases website traffic and delivers results?
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IQ Media has been contracted by Footnotes Footcare to create their online presence and SEM Strategies.
May 6 at 12:34pm
Watch for the official re-lunch of Zanchin Truck & Trailer website this month.
April 12 at 12:57pm
Watch for the official re-lunch of Four Point Travel's website this month.
February 15 at 8:44pm
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Launched as a digital marketing agency, IQ Media started with a single goal: create effective, affordable markting solutions for small business.

By combining creative ideas and real-world solutions, IQ Media gives you the tools that wins business. We are rapidly building a reputation for providing marketing and advertising resources with the nimbleness and sophistication that's typically only provided by larger agencies but at a fraction of the cost.
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