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We create powerful, social media marketing strategies for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and other social media sites which drive more traffic to your website.

In terms of social media, the greatest impact on consumers purchasing behavior is Facebook with an incredible 45% of users admitting that it influences their purchasing decisions. Any company that doesn’t have a social media presence aren’t leveraging the customer service & retention, lead generating and promotional tools the way thier competitors are.

While social media poses significant challenges to those familiar with traditional means of marketing and business development, it provides an unparalleled opportunity serving to bolster brand awareness while building and interacting with a target market online. Social media makes it easier to establish relationships and build trust over the Internet but is a long-term commitment and must be implemented properly to be effective over time.

Is your online marketing efforts missing an established, competent social media platform?
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IQ Media has been contracted by Footnotes Footcare to create their online presence and SEM Strategies.
May 6 at 12:34pm
Watch for the official re-lunch of Zanchin Truck & Trailer website this month.
April 12 at 12:57pm
Watch for the official re-lunch of Four Point Travel's website this month.
February 15 at 8:44pm
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Launched as a digital marketing agency, IQ Media started with a single goal: create effective, affordable markting solutions for small business.

By combining creative ideas and real-world solutions, IQ Media gives you the tools that wins business. We are rapidly building a reputation for providing marketing and advertising resources with the nimbleness and sophistication that's typically only provided by larger agencies but at a fraction of the cost.
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