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70% of Brand Engagement on Pinterest Is User-Generated
Posted on: May 3, 2013

A recent study published by Digitas and Curalate, a whopping 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is generated by users. For some reason, companies in the fashion retail and automotive industries aren’t capitalizing on Pinterest’s engagement.

According to Digitas, the lack of brands using Pinterest leaves a gap in overall marketing strategies. “Brands need to go forth and pin,” said senior vice president of social, mobile, and content lead at Digitas Jordan Bitterman. “This study reveals the opportunity for brands to drive the conversation on visual platforms like Pinterest. By leveraging rich consumer insight, brands can take the guesswork out of their visual content strategy, and share the types of images their audience wants to see.”

Digitas and Curalate found that only 18% of fashion retail brands pin items on Pinterest. The study found that the average retail fashion pin by a brand receives about 46 repins. The automotive industry was also reported to be lacking in Pinterest engagement. According to the study, more than 75% of Pinterest engagement for the industry is driven by users. For automotive brands, more repins were made on community posting than brand postings. The study found that brands received only three repins on average. That is compared to about the 10 repins that users received for posting automotive products.

“Aspirational products such as cars should do well on Pinterest. It’s unfortunate to see the auto industry stuck in first gear,” said chief executive of Curalate Apu Gupta. “The industry needs to leverage the heritage of their brands to tell compelling visual stories that create emotional connections with consumers.” One industry that was found to be very active in the Pinterest community was electronic brands. Digitas and Curalate found that 47% of electronic industry pins were made by brands. The study found that pictures of e-health devices proved to be very popular on the site. The study was created using statistics from more than 10 million Pinterest pins, comments and likes.

Digitas and Curalate examined Pinterest data from more than 120 brands for the study. Pinterest use for marketing purposes has been gaining momentum in the past few years. Last month, Pinterest introduced analytics for verified brands in a bid to improve marketers’ experience with the social network.

Five Ways to Drive Website Traffic
Posted on: April 17, 2013

Here’s a list of five different ways you can increase traffic to your website. Its quick and relatively painless and in most cases, you can do it for next to nothing.

1.Post compelling content that will engage users is a excellent way build a following.

Following other users who may reciprocate and follow you works wonders. Though keeping up-to-date with Facebook and finding time to post can be difficult, but it is really worth it-consistency is the key. Let people talk about YOU and they will promote your content for you. This will save you an enormous amount of time plus they will share much more information than via conventional strategies. Most importantly though, you can track it!

2. Supplement your original content

Free content from sources that support your website message/industry that readers will share is a great way to leverage available content. Or look for products that will allow you to use premium content that is legally allowed to be shared for a small fee.

3. Focusing your content around keywords related to your industry is a great way to improve your search engine rankings.

This is called search engine optimization and will help people find your website when they’re searching the web. Keywords should flow naturally within your text and when you’re hunting for good words, asking family and friends for words that would come naturally to them when looking for your product or service is a good place to start. Understand that the keywords do go into headings and page names, but its better to concentrate on the body of the text. Also, don’t overdo keywords meaning over-stuffing or doubling-up on keywords will result in a lower search ranking. And remember that any text inside any pictures aren’t readable by search engines.

4. Using clean, uncluttered backgrounds will retain followers

Background colours, textures and graphics you use affect the overall appeal of any website. Too much texture and graphics in the background can distract from your message and the more texture you add to the background, the less noticeable your text and images become. Colouerd backgrounds should have a significant contrast between the background colour and the text otherwise it will be hard to read. Though you can’t go wrong with black text and white background since it’s easy to read, you want to choose colours that complement your text.

5. Send out press releases for upcoming events or achievements

Write a quick blurb about a recent achievement or event that you have planned and send it to your local newspaper or news gathering website. Most news agencies are always looking for a story to write especially when they can use it to support their paid advertising provided that its in a similar industry or topic. While you shouldn’t abuse press release distribution websites to promote insignificant accomplishments, take advantage of this traffic stream whenever you have something noteworthy to share.

Why Web Typography is Crucial to Success
Posted on: Feb 13, 2013



The increase in available web fonts for online display has given us a greater respect for typography and the numerous typefaces we have at our disposal. Typography is an essential part of any visual design. Any designer or print publisher knows that the way text is arranged can have a massive impact on how a message is perceived.

Though typography entered the digital age some 20 years ago, it’s only been in the last couple years that online typography and typesetting have take-off to the extent we have today. Thanks to increased browser support for web font standards and CSS, web font services like Typekit, Google Fonts and Extenses, and the increasing adoption of mobile devices like Smartphones, Tablets and E-readers, we finaly have the tools to replicate print on-screen.

A downside of the proliferation of broader web typography is that there are more opportunities for bad typography to make its way onto a website. Text that is displayed with the wrong spacing and weight or style is often difficult to read and the resulting readability issues means readers may miss your message. Having a small understanding of basic typography can make any website a better experience for everyone.

Your Social Media Marketing Checklist for 2013 and Beyond
Posted on: Jan 7, 2013

Now that 2013 is here, now is a great time to review your social media strategies for the coming year. Also, as Google announced last year, this month is the start of their ever-important search engine changes which are also incorporated into in this checklist from a social media standpoint.

1. Get Your Staff On-Board

As a key performance engine for customer engagement, social media activity takes into account all organizational activities that affect those relationships. Your sales and marketing teams all need to understand the direction of your social media strategy. The best way to achieve this is to appoint one individual within your organization to lead the way and be responsible for your social media marketing plans.

2. Get Your Facts Straight

An excellent social media plan will require you to look at your internal marketing and sales material. Collect all online content, including published reports, presentations, online videos, mobile applications, etc. Once gathered, you’ll be able to see what you have been promoting about your brand and if you want that to make any changes.

3. Review What Worked In 2012

The only real way to assess and create movement in social media within your organization is to see what your 2012 activity has done to drive customer engagement. You should review all relevant pages, your blogs, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, LinkedIn information and any other social media networks you are active as a company. You should assess and understand how you have been communicating with your customers, what you have communicated to them, how often you have communicated with them and figure out what the level of engagement and interest positive or negative has been.

4. Take A Peek at your SEO

What keywords have delivered real leads in 2012? What online visibility have you used through social media? Have you tracked social media mentions and followings at the same time as SEO effectiveness in Google Tools and Analytics? As websites like YouTube, Google+ and Twitter directly have an impact on search results, you need to be aware of your effectiveness SEO as they relate to social media and online marketing activity.

5. Now, Set Yourself Up For Success

Are you selling products to consumers? Do you sell services B2B? Do you have an e-commerce website with different categories of brands and products? Your social media marketing plan needs to coincide with authentic customer/client engagement. Define your social media goals with an understanding of your target market. Social media marketing can be the ultimate communications tool for engaging a target audience. Make sure your plan includes proper customer service, updates on your brands, products, and services, any product and/or service promotions, educating your customers to the value of your product, and acting as a leader by taking the lead in online education and information.

Regardless of what your selling, your plan should be customer engagement and lead generation. You need to educate, inform and solve a problem. If you are selling products online, your plan could included the use social media to attract first time buyers with a free sample or giveaway. Engagement and conversion is what your primary goals should be. Once this has been figured out, then can you create your social media blueprint that will benefit your customer and ultimatly drive sales. Happy New Year!

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